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Lady shares what she did to impress crush who liked girls with gap teeth.(Watch Video)



Lady causes buzz online as she reveals the extent she went to impress her crush who stated his preference for girls who can sing well and have gap teeth.

The lady, maryann_officiall, joined the trend which is quite popular on TikTok, where netizens reveal the most embarrassing things they have done to get the attention of their crush.

She shared her own story, alongside a video evidence of the situation.

Although she is now married, she narrated how her crush before marrying revealed his fondness for girls with gap teeth who also know how to sing.

In a bid to get his attention and please him, she shared a video of herself singing, making sure to make her open teeth very obvious.

This has led to a flurry of reactions under the post, with many netizens finding it extremely hilarious.

See some of the reactions below

juli_ana_tai reacted: “You cannot shame the shameless this woman ehhhh”

mykel_payne stated: “This one no be gap teeth. Na canal teeth.”

naeto_o claimed: “I have to be the only person on this planet that hasn’t done stupid stuff for a crush what’s all this things I’m seeing today please?”

chindahchi_ added: “This woman, I love the fact you Dey use things wey people think say dem fit yab you joke! That’s the energy”

Watch the video here